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What are Backlinks in 2021?

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Backlink is an important factor that contributes to the ranking of a website on search engines. You may have been asking questions about Backlinks and how to earn it. Everything about Backlinks will be discussed in this article.

What Are Backlinks?

I’ll say, backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to the other. Backlinks are used to measure the quality of a particular website which signals on search engines like Google that other websites value your contents.
What this means is, if many websites are linking to the same or particular webpage or website, Search engine interprets those webpage or site as worth surfacing on a SERP.

Backlinks are ranking factor for websites. Your website gains popularity through these links which adds a significant value to your contents on search engine.

How To Earn Backlinks

New websites just like mine find it difficult to gain backlinks. I’ve discovered the secret which I’ll be sharing with you today. I remember when I created my first blog about two years ago, write my contents and it’s only me that will be viewing them. But with backlinks, I now earn some value.

Lets dive in…

There’s what we call Quality and Low quality backlinks. Some backlinks can earn be more valuable than others, this simply means links you create from other sites differ in value. 

The following are factors that determine Quality or Low quality backlinks.

  • The webpage authority you are linking from
  • The site contents
  • Its search engine accessibility and appearance
  • The anchor text you use
  • Do follow or nofollow links

Whether you decide to use follow or nofollow link, and any other meta tags and description associated with the linking page can have am impact on the value you gain.

The best way to earn backlinks is by writing valuable contents. If your contents are valuable, other webmasters will like linking to your website.

Also note that your website design, Navigation and load speed matters a lot before someone can accept to link to you. Your website appearance should be nice and loads fast.

Types of backlinks

Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites are similar to social networking sites in terms of popularity. You earn more value on your website when people bookmark your links on these social Bookmarking sites. The more they bookmark the more you earn Search engine rankings.
Some Social Bookmarking sites include: stumbleupon,, digg and so on.

Web 2.0 backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks are links from websites like Medium, MediaFire, blogspot, wordpress etc. Such links easy go get compared to the social Bookmarking. Web 2.0 backlinks can also be referred to profile backlinks.

Blog comments

Blog comments backlinks are Backlinks you earn by dropping your url on the comment box of a particular website you want to earn backlinks from. Spamming can lead to being penalized by search engine, so be careful where and when you drop comment backlinks.

Web directories

Web directories are websites like Yahoo directory that allows you submit your website to their web directories. You can earn dofollow links through this medium.


Forum website is also a good place to gain backlinks. Forum is a website where people discuss on different topics. So the more you participate in discussions the more popularity or backlinks you will get.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another means to earn backlinks. This involves writing for other websites and gaining quality backlinks on return. So the more you write for websites, the more backlinks you get.

Advantages of Backlinks

Improves Ranking

The most important effect of Backlinks to a website is the improvement of the site ranking on search engines.
Just like I said earlier, the more sites linkimg to your website the position of your posts on search engines ranks higher.

Improves Visibility and Traffic

Once you rank higher on search engines, what’s the next step? Improve in visibility and your traffic increases.

Easy to Build

Backlinks are not that difficult to build as you may think. Building backlinks doesn’t require you to be a professional or expert in SEO. An individual with basic knowledge can build quality backlinks.

Disadvantages of Backlinks


On every advantage, there’s always disadvantages.
Excessive and low-quality links can lead to penalty from Google and other search engines which will result in decreased ranking instead of increasing.

Absence of Quality Websites

Most times it’s not always easy to locate a high quality website for link building which makes us making do of the low quality ones. By so doing, itwill lead to search engine penalization.

Hence you should concentrate on high quality website rather low quality ones, because few links from high quality websites have a great juicy impact compared to thousands of links from low quality sites.

Time consuming

Building quality backlinks can be time consuming that’s why you need to dedicate time for your link building.

Additionally, you need quality contents on your website before you can gain quality backlinks. You can expect high quality links to a low quality contents. It’s done no where, writing such low quality contents can also lead to decreasing ranking instead of increasing.

Conclusion on Backlinks

Backlinks have a great impact on a website ranking when done correctly else the reverse will be the case. In this article I’ve shared with you everything you need to know about link building.

Thank for reading this post, please share your thoughts using the comment section below.

Hope to see you again on our next blog post.


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