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Mtnearn.Com Review: Is Mtnearn legit? Read before sign up

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Mtnearn.Com happens to be another online platform that is mainly for South Africans and it’s worthy of recognition. Welcome to my Mtnearn.Com review, In this article, I will walk you through on how Mtnearn works, if its legit or scam as well as the registration and login process.
Carrying out daily task and referring are the most common activities found on these online money making platforms.

What is Mtnearn.Com all about?

Mtnearn is a newly launched platform that allows you make cool money online. The platform claims to pay you for carrying out daily task and through their referral program. Base on the reviews we’ve gotten so far, this platform worths giving a try.

How To Make Money On Mtnearn.Com

There are basically 2 basic earning methods on Mtnearn.Com, these include:

  1. Performing daily task
  2. Referral Earnings

Daily task involves the usual activities we carry out online that’s why I call it daily task. These include you watching YouTube videos, sharing of post on
WhatsApp, or liking a Facebook post. That seems easy, right?
These are usual activities we do but this time you get paid.
You earn R12 for each task you perform on Mtnearn, this means, the more task you perform the more your earnings accumulate and you should be able to cash out within few days of joining the platform.

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Referral Program: The Mtnearn referral program involves earning commission for referring your friends to join the platform. This is a cool way to make cash from this platform, because there’s no limit to the number of people you refer, you can refer as million people you want.

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How to refer on Mtnearn.Com

To go about the referral process, kindly login to your mtnearn account and navigate to the referral area and copy your unique referral link. This unique referral link is what you’re to share to your friends and family. Share to as many people as possible so that you can accumulate more Rands.

Mtnearn.Com Registration

To sign up on Mtnearn is simple, all you have to do is go to visit https://mtnearn.com and click on register, then provide all the required informations. These include your phone number, full name, email, and preferred password. Then click on the ‘register’ button.
Within minutes, you’ll be a member of Mtnearn.
very easy!!

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Mtnearn.Com Login

Most times people do face issues logging in to their accounts, this could be as a result of forgotten password or the email address you used during the registration does not correspond with the one you’re inputting. Incase everything is right then you have to download the Mtnearn app to complete the login process. To login, provide your username/phone number and your password you used during the registration. Then click on the login button.
In situations where you’re unable to login due to incorrect password, the click on the “Forgotten password” button to reset your password.

Who Should Join Mtnearn program?

Mtnearn is basically for South Africans, although people from Kenya, Zambia and other countries can also leverage this opportunity. Mtnearn is an equal opportunity open for Fresh Graduates, Students, Job Seekers, Bloggers or anyone who wishes to earn extra money online or have an alternative stream of income.

How to deposit on Mtnearn.Com

Depositing a token on Mtnearn is likely that you want to upgrade to a higher level as to earn fast and fast cash out. To upgrade you will be required to deposit a specific amount. To do so, Login into your mtnearn account, on your dashboard go to ‘deposit,’ then fill in the amount and do the needful.

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How to withdraw on Mtnearn.Com

Placing a withdrawal on mtnearn requires you to earn a minimum withdrawal amount of R200. If you don’t have up to R200, you cannot withdraw on the app or site.
Once you reach the withdrawal threshold of R200, you can head to the app, go to ‘withdrawals,’ provide your bank account details, and apply for withdrawal.

Is Mtnearn.Com Legit or Scam?

Mtnearn is newly launched platform that claim to pay participants for carrying out daily task and referring. As a newly launched platform, we cannot determine
if mtnearn is legit or a scam. For now, we urge everyone to do the mtnearn sign up, perform tasks, refer, and place withdraw.
Please do well to share your experiences about this platform as to aid potential investors from falling prey.

Conclusion: Mtnearn Review

In conclusion, I hope this Mtnearn program review has provided valuable and credible information regarding how the Mtnearn platform operates and other important things you should know as regards to being a member.

Don’t forget to comment and use the share button.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks can be deceiving, when you try to withdraw they tell u stories bout inviting agents to join in or else upgrade otherwise you can’t withdraw. They claim you be on a VIP for 365 days but what’s the point if you can’t withdraw the money. Dnt deposit your money guys. It’s not safe


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