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Mobile Phone Comparison: Removable vs Non-Removable Battery

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When searching for a new smartphone to purchase, there are some features of the phone people typically look for. Perhaps you need to know the processor speed installed, quality of the phone camera, the battery’s quality (measured in MAh), this determines hi ow long your phone battery will last. But most times people forget to check if the phone has inbuilt (non-removable) or removable battery.

In this article, I won’t be discussing how long the phone battery lasts but the difference between removable and non-removable battery in phones.

Removable vs Non-Removable Batteries

Removable vs non removable battery

Removable batteries can easily be removed or taken out of the phone, usually by opening the back plate and taking the battery out while Non-removable batteries are encased within the phone’s vital components. It’s not that possible to remove the battery without tampering with very sensitive parts of the phone.

Removing a removable battery requires an expert to do the job else you risk your phone because it may involve undoing the adhesive between the screen and the phone.

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Advantages of Non-Removable Batteries

Phones with non-removable battery have a tighter design unlike removable battery Phones that have a back plate. Its battery is tucked away in the electronics, which implies that they have little to no need for a back panel which makes the phone to be slimmer.

Phones with non-removable battery helps on recovering a stolen phone. You may be wondering how?
A removable battery can be taken by a thieves and try to stop the phone from tracking its movement, they can easily remove the battery which is a tough nut on a non removable battery Phones.
With the battery safe inside the phone, it won’t be easy for a thief to disable the phone security or tracking features.

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Non removable battery just like the name implies. This by itself can be a deal-breaker for many.
If your phone falls inside water, it will be hard to remove the battery and sun it unless you take it to an expertise.
It’s hard to boost a non removable battery
You can’t have an alternate battery incase the other battery is down compared to removable battery that you can have as many battery as you wish and can easily switch from one battery to the other.

Advantages of a Removable Battery Phone

Removable battery has a lot of benefits which are listed below.

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User replacement after the old one dies: This is the most obvious one. You don’t need an expert to help you remove your battery. Removable battery makes it easier for you to remove damaged or old battery. Also, should the phone get soaked in water, removable battery makes it easier for you to dry the phone before damage can be done. Although you can  reboot a stuck (removable battery) phone without needing to touch the battery.

You can have a spare battery on standby which you swap out with your main one if it runs out at a crucial moment.


Unfortunately, specific models of phone aren’t always guarantee with removable batteries.
Modern phones are usually non removable battery without any option for a removable version.

Which to Get: Removable or Non-removable battery Phones?

If you’re debating between the two version of phone type when getting a new phone, then there are some factors you need to consider before coming to a conclusion.
You should ask yourself if you’ll still find yourself using that same phone in the next 2 to 3 years. Because if you look at it, removable battery Phones are what is trending this days.
If you want to maximise the lifespan of your phone, a non-removable battery will be a thorn in your side.

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Although as for me, picking a phone with removable battery could be much more better as to ensure you have a spare battery that can possibly keep your phone going for a longer period of time. Although there’s power bank for the non removable battery Phones which also serve as a spare battery, but if you’ve a removable battery Phone with a spare battery and at the same time a power bank then you are on the go. Because that phone can serve you for as long as possible.

However, if you love chasing trending and hottest phones, the n you may hate the restriction of only buying phones with removable batteries.


While phones with removable or non-removable battery isn’t a widely advertised feature, is because it can sometimes make purchase or break a purchase.

I’m sure you know know the key difference between a removable and non removable battery phones, hopefully you have an idea of which one suits you best.

Which one could you go for; Phones with Removable or Non-removable battery? Please share you thoughts using the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article.

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