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How to Create a Bootable Microsoft Windows USB Flash Drive

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If you have been asking questions like: How can I create a bootable USB Flash Drive? Then you’re on the right page. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how you can create a bootable USB Flash Drive.

Many times we face one problem or the other on our windows PC ranging from OS crash or Hard disk crash. When your hard disk crashes, you’ve no option than to replace it, although there’re means to recover your crashed hard disk. When your computer hard disk crashes, you won’t be able to load windows on the system which means you’ll have to replace it or look for alternatives.

Hence, you may want to turn your USB flash Drive to a bootable disk. Read every line of this article to know everything you need to get started.

What is a Bootable USD Drive?

If you’re new to the Tech World, you may be want to know what Bootable USB Flash Drive is all about, but never worries as I’ve explained what Bootable disk is all about, the requirements in creating one and everything you need to know.

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A bootable usb is a media usually your flash drive that allows you boot windows from the file system on the flash drive instead of your hard drive. This implies that whenever you want to boot your system, the flash drive must plug in before this task can be completed. All these can be done by following the steps listed in this article.

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Creating a Windows USB Flash Drive is very simple at it does not require any engineer to do this task. So long as you’ve a windows computer and a USB Flash Drive, then you are good to go.

What are The Requirements for creating a Bootable Windows USB Flash?

Before you proceed creating a Bootable Windows USB Flash, you should ensure that the following requirements are met. These include: an 8GB USB flash drive and a Windows PC. This whole task can take roughly 40 minutes to get it completed depending on your internet speed.

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A Macintosh (Mac) PC can be used also in creating a windows 10 boot drive, but the process requires familiarity with the terminal and the mac’s command line tool. Carrying out this task on a Mac pc is not a process that can be easily completed by n average user.

How to Create a Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive

To create a bootable windows usd flash drive, kindly follow the steps listed below. To get started, you need to ensure that the USB flash drive is well prepared by Disk part; this is a command line utility.
  1. Insert a USB flash dive on a running pc
  2. Initiate command prompt and run as administrator
  3. You may be required for password to grant you the administrative privilege, type your password and proceed.
  4. Type ”Diskpart” (On CMD)
  5. A new prompt will appear, in this case, to determine the USB flash drive that is plugged in for this task, type “List Disk” and click Enter. After that, a command displaying all the disks on the computer will appear. Note the drive letter of the USB flash drive for this task.
  6. This time type “select disk X”, replace X with the drive letter of the USB flash drive and then hit enter.
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  1. Type the word “Clean” and hit the enter button. This command would format or delete all files on your flash drive.
  2. To create a new partition on the flash drive, type ”create partition primary” and hit enter
  3. Select the partition that you just created and type “select partition 1”, then hit the enter button.
  4. To format the partition, type “format fs=ntfs quick“, and then hit enter
  5. After that, type Active and then hit enter
  6. Type exit
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Once the preparation for the custom image is done, the image should be saved to the root of the USB flash drive.

After following the above instructions, your bootable windows usb drive will be created.


In this article, I’ve shared with you how to create a Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive

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