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Complete Guide on How To Free Up Android Phone Space

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Low storage is one of the problems faced by average android phone users, most especially those using the 8GB and 16GB storage. This is often caused hidden files, junk and loading unnecessary files on your phone although most of these files might be important. Low storage can cause you a lot especially when you’ve your phone loaded with important files and you found an interesting movie or trending music to download. I once faced this problem last year when I was using a phone of 16GB storage space, and this guide I’ll be sharing below helped me without the use of external storage.

However, this problem can be solved by using an external storage known as the “Memory card”. This external storage allows you store most of your files and content on it. The external memory card ranges from 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 64GB, and so on depending on your budget. Low storage can cause your phone to slow down, freezes and other problems you think of.

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In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the best guide on how to free the space on your android phone and increase it performance. Freeing the space on your phone does not necessarily mean you’re going to lose your important files or content. I urge you to read this article to the end and do well to share your thoughts using the comment section of this page.

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Lets dive in.

Step by Step Guide on How To Free Up Android Phone Space

To free up your android phone space and increase your phone performance, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access File Manager Settings

The first step in creasing your phone performance is by accessing the file manager settings on your phone.

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All you need to do is to initiate the file manager and click on the menu button at the top right corner. Locate the settings and click on it.

Step 2: Show Hidden Files

In this step, you need to permit your phone to show hidden files. After clicking on the file manager settings, click on “show hidden files” and go back to the file manager home page.

Now, you will find a folder called “DCIM” in the file manager. The DCIM folder contains apps, videos, thumbnails and audio. The full meaning of the abbreviation “DCIM” is Digital Camera Images. Open the DCIM folder and locate the folder called “Thumbnails”. This thumbnail stores all of your pictures, app icons and other stuffs like movies. All files stored on these Thumbnails are not necessary because you don’t need them. They are there to drain your phone space and reduce your phone performance.

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This thumbnail folder can take about 1GB of your storage space, depending on how many videos, apps and images stored on your phone.

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Steps 3: Trash the hidden folder

In this step, you would need to trash the thumbnail folder, once you are done deleting it, then create a new folder by clicking on the “+” icon on the far top right corner of your screen. Name the new folder “thumbnail”, this will stop the system from creating the folder itself and loading junk files on it.

Conclusion: How To Free Up Android Phone Space

To ensure the optimum performance of your android phone, it is necessary to free up the phone space by following the steps listed above. This will help increase your phone performance and allows you get the best from your phone.

Was this article helpful? Please share your thoughts using the comment section below and stop spending money on “Memory card” as your phone space can be free up by yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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