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Best Ways To Boost Your Android Volume Without The use of App

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In this article I’ll be sharing with you how to boost your android phone volume without the use of app. Is your phone volume button faulty? Are you finding it difficult hearing sounds from your phone? Then worry no more as this article have listed best guide on how to go about fixing such problems without any application.

When we are faced with this problem, we do go about downloading apps just to boost the phone volume but that is not advisable. Most of these apps we download are harmful to our phone. Some can affect the phone performance such as freeze or overheating while some may not look nice. Most of these apps are developed by people who are intended to gain access to your phone development center.

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That is why I don’t recommend the use of app, rather follow the instructions listed on this page to get your phone volume back again. It may not work on some phones that don’t support the features listed but you can try it out if your phone supports.

Step 1: Access Your Phone Settings

The first thing you need to do is to access your phone settings and click on the sound option. Click on the it and increase the volume.

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Step 2: Development Option:

To access your phone developer option, click on your phone settings button and then developer option. In most phones, you may not easily find the developer option but to go about it, kindly click on the “About Phone” and the tap the “Build number” severally. You’ll see a prompt welcoming you, the prompt go this way “You are now a developer”

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Now, close the tab and reopen the settings again and scroll down and click on the “Accessibility” and click on it.

Alternative Way

If after following the above steps and it didn’t solve the problem then you can take the phone to a phone repairer to fix the problem.

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In this article, I’ve share with you how you can boost your phone volume without the use of an app.

Does this solve the problem? Please share your thoughts below.

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