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8 Mobile Phone Fault, Symptoms and Solution

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In this article, I’ll be listing the most common mobile phone fault and their symptoms. Do well to read this article to the end.

What is Phone Fault? Mobile phone fault could be the abnormal state of your mobile phone. This could be caused by several factors ranging from physical damage which has to do with the phone hardware or software problems which has to do with the phone software. Some of the common mobile phone fault includes:

Battery Fault

I’ll categories this as one of the hardware fault because it has to do with physical damage to parts of the phone. Battery fault or damage could occur with the following symptoms:

Overheating usually occur while surfing the internet, watching movies or playing games.

  • Swollen battery
  • The battery drains faster than normal

Microphone Fault

This is one of the mobile phone faults that can be caused by many factor. It’s usually as a result of microphone also known as the mouth piece damage. If your phone mouth piece is damaged, you may experience difficulty communicating with the caller.

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Possible solutions

Microphone fault can be solved by using an earpiece that supports microphone.

Faulty speaker

Fault speaker is one of the problems you can face as a mobile phone user. This is usually caused by damaged speaker. Once your speaker is damaged, you won’t listen to any sound from the phone, which means you can’t hear music sounds, videos, etc.

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You can solve this by either using an earpiece or taking the phone to a phone doctor.

Please don’t be confused; damaged speaker is different from mouth piece fault. Speaker fault means you can hear any sound from the phone while mouth piece fault means you can’t hear any voice while you’re on call.

Faulty Charging Port

Faulty charging port

This is one of the problems we encounter while using our phone. I’m sure we already know what that means. Faulty charging port means you won’t be able to charge your phone using its port.

Symptoms of faulty charging port include:

  • Mobile phone won’t charge
  • Phone showing full charged which will rundown within minutes


Faulty charging port can be fixed either by taking the phone to the repairer or using an alternate phone by inserting your phone battery on another phone, charge it then put it back to your phone. You can also use “Multiple chargers” to charge your battery. If your battery is non-removable then the best option is to fix the charging port.

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Screen Fault

Faulty screen affects your phone display. Meaning you may hardly see what’s displayed on your phone screen. The following are symptoms of faulty screen:

  • Unable to display text or image
  • Blank screen
  • Physical damage to the screen


Broken screen can be fixed by taking the phone to a mobile phone repairer.

Faulty Keypad

This problem is mostly faced by people using the button phone. You may experience keyboard problems from the following signs:

  • You may find it difficult typing text or numbers on your phone
  • Your keypad freezes
  • Displaying multiple letters when one key is pressed
  • Displaying text on the screen when no one press the keypad
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The only solution to this kind of problem is by taking it to the repairer.

Phone damage caused by water

This occur when your phone mistakenly fall inside water. Once such incident occurs, quickly remove the phone from the water, remove the batter if it’s removable and don’t power on the phone for some time, keep it where there is heat, then after a while try to on it. I could’ve asked you to open the phone but you may not have the right tools, so the best option is to take it to the repairer if the above steps didn’t solve the problem.

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Software Fault

Do you know what software is? Software is the part of the phone that you can’t touch but you feel it. The following are symptoms of software problems:

  • Mobile phone fail to start
  • Phone slows down or freezes
  • Most features of the phone becomes inaccessible
  • The phone display goes blank


Minor software problems can be fixed by you but complex ones should be taken to the repairer. You can do this by uninstalling unnecessary applications, deleting junk files and a lot more.


In this article, I’ve listed the most common mobile phone problems that we do face almost every day as a phone user. If the solutions listed on this article didn’t solve your phone problem, kindly drop your question below.
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