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5 Legit Online Businesses You Can Start With Your Smartphone

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Nowadays, smartphone is a source of income to many individual. Its use is beyond surfing the internet, spending time on social platforms, sending and receiving of messages as well as calls.

Making money online doesn’t require you owning a laptop but with just your smartphone and a good internet connection, you are good to go. I must tell you that after reading this article, you’ll stand a chance of making money online daily with just your smartphone.

If your smartphone can’t provide you the money you bought it then you really need this article. The mobile phone I’m using right now (Tecno spart 4) has produced ten times the money I bought.

There’re a lot of online businesses to venture in but most of them are not real. You’ll spend all your precious time, energy and money but at the end of the day you get frustrated. I understand that point, that’s why I’ve composed this article, listing the legit online business you can start right now with your mobile phone. The juicy part of it all is that you can make millions with your smartphone while sleeping.
Yes! You can make money with your smartphone. Note: Your phone is smart, right? If you work smart just like your phone, you can become a millionaire. Just read on.

Let me not bore you with words, Lets dive in.

5 Legit Online Businesses You Should Start with Your Smartphone

Legit businesses to start with your smartphone

The following are legitimate businesses to making money online with your smartphone. These businesses require little or no skill to get started.


Oh, my passion. Before we dive in, let me tell you something you should know about blogging. I know most of us already know what blogging is all about while some don’t. But never worry as I’ll explain everything to your understanding.

Blogging is not hard as you may think, it’s not meant for particular group of persons rather, it’s simple and anyone can start blogging so far as you have a mobile phone or laptop with a good internet connection. I listed blogging as one of the businesses you can start with your smartphone because gone are those days that blogging requires a PC to get started. With your smartphone you can make decent money from blogging. A lot of people are millionaires and billionaires just from blogging.

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This is how to get started, if you can solve problems, if you’ve a good writing skills, if you can speak fluently then what’s holding you from starting a blog? Get started today and start making decent money daily.

Have you ever asked yourself why blogging is becoming popular every day and almost everybody is into it?
The answer is because Blogging is profitable. If you can’t write then you can hire content writers.

How to Start Blogging

You may be asking questions like how can I start blogging with my smartphone? Obviously, you can start blogging with your smartphone, it’s fast and easy.
There are two popular platforms to starting your blogging journey. The most 2 popular platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

With wordpress, you’re required to buy a hosting which could cost around 4k in Nigeria, then you get a domain name (N1,000 for, N3,000 for .com and so on.) We’ll explain more on the topic: How to start a blog which will be published soon.

The other platform I mentioned is Google Blogger. Blogger is a free platform that allows you start a blog without a domain name or hosting. Google offers the domain name and hosting for free. Meaning you won’t spend a dime. You may’ve came across websites like Such website are hosted on Google blogger. Although you can buy a custom domain name and use instead of the

There are other platforms you can create your blog on, like Wix, Joomla and so on.

How to Make Money From Your Blog

I know this is the most interesting part that you may want to know. How can I make money from my blog? Such questions are answered below:

After creating your blog and writing unique and original content, the next thing is to start making money from your blog. Do you know you can make money from your blog through several means, these include placing ads on your blog (such as Google Adsense, Propeller ads, etc), through affiliate marketing, by allowing others place their ads on your blog and getting paid. There are a lot of ways you can make money from your blog.

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Affiliate marketing

Naija mobile tech

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest means you can make money with your smartphone while sleeping. Affiliate marketing does not require any skills to get started; all required from you is to sign up on any of the affiliate company listed below, share your referral link to your friends, and get paid once they carry out an action.

What is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing simply means advertising someone else or a company’s product, and getting paid once a client uses your unique referral like to purchase a product on the platform. This simply means you earn a commission for inviting your friends to the platform.

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The following are Affiliate marketing company you can opt in. They include

  • Harmonweb
  • UBA bank
  • Amazon
  • Jumia
  • Zenith Bank

Harmonweb is a webhosting and domain name registrar in Nigeria; they pay you once you invite someone to purchasing a domain name or hosting from them. All you need to do is to sign up an account on the platform. After registration, you’ll be given a unique referral link that looks like this: “”.
That’s how the link looks, you can share that link to your friends and expect the money to land once they register.

Amazon and Jumia are shopping website, meaning they pay you once your downline uses your referral link to purchase a product on their website.

UBA bank and Zenith Bank pay you for inviting your friends to open an account with them. However, I don’t have full details about their payment rate.

There’re other legit websites out there that also pay you for referral.

Recharge card / Data selling business

Recharge card selling is one of the businesses you can start with your smartphone with less stress. Do you know that people send thousands of Naira on Airtime and Data alone on a daily bases? This is because the use of phones and data is increasing every day. Imagine the number of people that visit Social media everyday. If you can start selling data to them, you can make huge amount of money from the comfort of your home.

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From report, Nigerians spend one billion naira in the year 2020 just for airtime and data subscription. All these data and airtime I’m talking about here where not bought directly from the network provider.

To start making money through this business, all required from you is to sign up on one of the following platform and start selling airtime and data then earning commissions from it.

  • Kudi
  • Paga
  • Moniepoint
  • Opay
  • And many more.

Web Development

Web Development popularly known as “Web Dev” is one of the profitable business you can start earning extra income from. Although this business requires little skills of programming to get started.

You can learn Web Development from websites like: and, then start making your money. You can either start your own website or solve people’s problems are get paid for it. One of the interesting facts about making money through Web Development is that, you don’t need to be physically present with the client you’re carrying the maintenance or activity on. All you need to do is to ask the person the exact problem he/she is facing on their website, then from your smartphone you can get it fixed without travelling over distance.


Freelancing is another interesting means to make money online with your smartphone. Freelancing has to be with offering services online and getting paid for that. You can opt in for platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and so on.

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Making money through Freelancing does not require any capital to get started, all required from you is the skills you’re good at. These include: Graphic design, web development and so on.

Conclusion: How to make money with your Smartphone

There’re many online businesses you can start with your smartphone. In this article, I’ve listed the legit and reliable businesses you can start with little or no skill.

Please share your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.


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